Aloha Bruddah

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Aloha Bruddah! What does that term mean? If you look at the definition from Aloha means “aloha
(ah loh hah)

Definition: one of the most universal words in the Hawaiian language. It can be used to mean hello, goodbye, love, thank you, among other things
Used In A Sentence: K-den tanks eh. I goin’ see you latahz. Aloha brah.
In English?: Your help is greatly appreciated. I’ll see you later

and from  bruddah means: braddah or bruddah
(brah dah)

Definition: an endearing way to call somebody, also used as brah for short; also used to replace a name when you don’t remember somebody’s name; female equivalent is sistah.
Used In A Sentence: Right on, I goin’ see you latahz den braddah.
In English?: Great, I hope to see you again sometime soon.


For us, it means that we are happy you visited our online store, built with you, the surfing community in mind. Aloha bruddah!

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