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July 18, 2017
Stickybumps surfboard bag
8′- Stickybumps Surfboard Bag
July 19, 2017



6’6″ Stickybumps Surfboard Bag , Single

The StickyBumps surfboard bag is made with Thick foam for the serious traveler in mind. Great for airplanes,cars or other forms of travel. For easy transport, this bag features a padded handle and removable shoulder strap. For protection, this shortboard bag has waterproof foam padding and a PVC nose protector. Additionally, the bottom face has a foil-coated heat-reflective material to help prevent your wax from melting.

  • Waterproof foam padding for quality protection
  • Padded shoulder strap and handle
  • Heat reflective silver shell – don’t melt your wax
  • PVC nose protector

Weight 4 lbs