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July 19, 2017
surfboard soft racks
Surfboard soft racks Block Wrap-Racks Single
July 19, 2017

Gutterless Surfer Rack — 50″, for gutterless small/midsize cars


the Gutterless Racks install?


Once screwed together with the four included bolts (takes just seconds), each rack is one solid piece. You simply place the rack on your roof (with the high-density foam pads protecting your paintwork from scratches) hook the J-hooks onto the underside of either your roof chassis or window frame then pull the straps tight.

What surfboards fit to the rack?

The Gutterless Racks feature heavy duty rubber straps. Simply slide your Surfboard in then pull the straps tight. Doing so will tighten the rubber straps downwards and press the Surfboard against the rack’s soft pads. These hold very well

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Gutterless Surfer Rack

surfboard car rack

No roof gutters?
The Gutterless Surfer Rack.

This surfboard car rack

Fits most new small/midsize cars that can’t handle conventional racks.
A 50″ center bar with foam pads and an adjustable rubber strap.

system provide reliable convenience just like this rack’s Snubber cousins.

The Block Surf Surfer Gutterless surfboard roof racks fit most small and mid-size cars which (as the name suggests) don’t have gutters. With an adjustable rubber strap system and foam pads that provide protection for your surfboard.

this hard rack is ideal for highway driving and long trips.

  • Features 50″ long center bars
  • E.P.D.M rubber straps
  • One solid piece design
  • Can carry up to 4 surfboards

Weight 15 lbs