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July 19, 2017
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Stickybumps SUP wax six pack
July 19, 2017

Outracker Sup SS


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The Surfboard, StandUp Paddleboard and Kayak Racks made for your boat!

If you like to bring your toys along for a day of boating, the Outracker SS will make it much easier. We developed this product to improve our day on the water, hopefully, it can also improve yours. Now ,we have improved the original design. Made in the USA from marine grade clear anodized brushed aluminum (just like most hard tops and t tops). In addition, the rod holder posts are now all stainless steel. We also added stainless steel set screws and stainless buckles on our straps.

Gone are the days  dinging the boards everytime you hit a wake! No more crowded deck! No one has to hold on to the boards!
With the Outracker, you can strap in your gear, keep your deck open and focus on getting to your destination!
Just remember you need a wider path and don’t dock on the “rack side!”
If your boat is equipped with 30 degree flush mounted rod holders in the gunwale, at least 2 on one side, the Outracker should be an easy fit. No modifications to your boat are necessary.There are no  tools required. Sets up in seconds. Once properly secured, your paddle craft can join you at that next sand bar. You don’t even lose the rod holders, as they can still fit in top of the rack.

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Weight 80 lbs